6 Safety Measures to Undertake When You Travel By Lifts

Home elevators are today’s most important amenity when you live in a multi-storey home. A residential elevator helps to travel up and down the floors more conveniently. But as children and elderly people need to be careful while climbing and coming down the staircases, there are also a few safety measures to undertake when you are travelling by home elevators.

And before you buy one from a store that are selling home elevators in India, check the safety measures stated below;


1)    Don’t Overload the Lift with More Than Its Capacity

Be it commercial or residential; every lift has a capacity mentioned on the inside. One must not exceed that weighing capacity and include more passengers, be it for an emergency or just for fun, as this may lead to unfortunate accidents. Home elevators must be used with utmost care.


2)    When You Enter the Lift, Wait For the Door to Close – Then Press the Button for the Desired Floor

Do not hurry while in the elevator. Once you enter the elevator, wait for its door to close and only then press the button to the desired floor. This responsible way of using a home elevator keeps its mechanisms running smoothly as well as prevents any mishap.


3)    There is an Infrared Curtain on the Door for Safety, if Interrupted the Car Will Stop

Everyone who uses the DomusLift should know about its safety mechanisms. In home elevators, there is an infrared curtain for safety, and if it gets interrupted because of any reason, the car will stop. This process makes DomusLifts safer for residential usage.


4)    Step Back and Press the Call Button

The call button in the elevators is the one which we use to call the lift. Never go too close to the elevator to push the call button. Always maintain a safe distance.


5)    Press Alarm Button In Case There Is an Emergency

Every elevator has an alarm button which can be pressed if there is an emergency. If you want to draw attention, push the alarm button so people can see and help to rescue you.


6)    Adults must accompany children Below 11 years

To keep your children safe and also to train them how to use a lift carefully, you must accompany them while travelling by lifts.


DomusLifts are a safe option for everyone and can be added to your duplex flats, villas and bungalows to experience luxury and convenience at its best. So if you’re interested in buying one for your residence check out the home elevators in India at http://www.graandprix.com/contact-us/