5 Reasons You Must Buy a Pit-less Home Elevator

July 24, 2017

Today there are two types of elevators available in the market – one that needs a pit and shaft and the one which does not require a pit and shaft. Where a conventional elevator needs a lot of space, a pit-less elevator like Pneumatic Vacuum (PV) elevators are the ones that do not require a Read More

6 Safety Measures to Undertake When You Travel By Lifts

July 19, 2017

Home elevators are today’s most important amenity when you live in a multi-storey home. A residential elevator helps to travel up and down the floors more conveniently. But as children and elderly people need to be careful while climbing and coming down the staircases, there are also a few safety measures to undertake when you Read More

8 Luxury Designs by DomusLifts for a Strikingly Beautiful Home

July 14, 2017

DomusLifts are one of the best home elevators which can be installed in residential apartments, condos and outdoors in a villa. The home elevators are not just ideal for the ones who need them but also perfect to up the style quotient of your residences. And apart from offering the basic style and design DomusLifts Read More

4 Reasons You Should Get DomusLift for Your Home or Office Interiors

June 5, 2017

Today, elevators are considered one of the luxurious amenities one can have in their homes. Though usually lifts are pre-installed in commercial apartments and residential buildings, penthouses, bungalows, villas and duplex apartments might not always come with an indoor elevator installed. And that is the reason you should enhance the lifestyle and your home with Read More

Why the World’s best Lifts Should Now Be in Indian Homes

June 5, 2017

DomusLift is an IGV flagship product and known worldwide for its aesthetic as well as smooth performance in homes and offices. The lift conveniently travels up to seven floors and makes an ideal addition to any place. It is considered one of the best in terms of style and functionality and hence rated very popular Read More

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators – A Space Saving Lift for Homes

June 5, 2017

A cozy yet compact home keeps you away from various luxurious amenities. And it could also be a lavish elevator. But when you live in a compact multi-storey apartment and already have a space consuming staircase, adding an elevator that will require more space for the pit, will not be the right choice. But when Read More

Why Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators Are Perfect For Residences

May 22, 2017

So you have decided to install a home elevator but don’t know which one to choose from the various lifts available? Well, this blog can help you make a better decision. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are one of the widely used vertical transportation systems in US, Dubai and is now introduced in India by Graand Prix Read More

Why Adding an Elevator to Your Abode Is a Good Decision

May 22, 2017

When you hire an interior designer to make your home look luxurious and elegant, why should you leave the concept of ultra-luxurious amenities that add unmatched value to your personal space? Installing a luxury home lift in India or to be specific in Indian homes is a statement of grandeur. Duplex flats, villas, bungalows and Read More

Home Elevators: A Rising Trend

May 22, 2017

Home elevators serve not only as a commodity that offers luxury but also for convenience, for the ones who have difficulties in climbing and going down the stairs. Home elevators are trending for the opulence they provide to the homes and how they upgrade the lifestyle of people living in such abodes. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators Read More