8 Luxury Designs by DomusLifts for a Strikingly Beautiful Home

July 14th, 2017 by

DomusLifts are one of the best home elevators which can be installed in residential apartments, condos and outdoors in a villa. The home elevators are not just ideal for the ones who need them but also perfect to up the style quotient of your residences. And apart from offering the basic style and design DomusLifts also offer a range of luxury home elevator designs that would add more elegance to your décor and also create a unique appeal. Here are the eight designs that will take your breath away –


1)    DomusLift Classic – The range of lifts offered in the DomusLift Classic range is perfect for the ones who love wood. Every elevator from the Classic collection has a gorgeous wood finish which is painted in a different technique on an aluminum surface.

DomusLift Classic Luxury Elevator Design


2)    DomusLift Chrome – Beautiful geometries that match perfectly with the combinations of steel and polished satin finishes make the right blend of style and luxury. The Chrome collection of DomusLift has appealing patterns on the car walls.

DomusLift Chrome Elevator design



3)    DomusLift made with Swarovski elements – A high tech design that gorgeously combines a crystal like shine, transparency and elegance is what makes this DomusLift embellished with Swarovski elements different than others. It is the perfect choice for those looking for luxury home elevator designs one would want to add in their home décor.

Home Elevator Designs -Domuslift


4)    DomusLift Art (limited edition) – When you are planning to bring home a lift for a comfortable lifestyle, luxury comes along. But when the home elevator is a piece of art, it is a different story altogether. DomusLift Art collection feature’s Italian artist Francesco Hayez’s painting, The Kiss that conveyed the Italian Romanticism.


5)    DomusLift Leather – Imagine what class leather can bring when it beautifies your home elevator’s walls? The elegant design and gorgeous interiors of the DomusLift Leather collection are sure to add class to any décor.

DomusLift Leather Home Elevator Design


6)    DomusLift Art Line – A quirky design and style are what takes to make a fashion statement. Especially while adding a home elevator and have multiple styles to choose from. DomusLift Art Line is just perfect for the art lovers and those who love a playful interior over something very traditional.

DomusLift Art Line Elevator Design


7)    DomusLift by Giugiaro Architettura – A touch screen panel with the innovative lighting system in the DomusLift by Giugiaro Architettura car is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your décor.

DomusLift by Giugiaro Architettura


8)    DomusLift Liberty – Handcrafted mosaic with glass shaped lighting effects that are created by smooth, wavy, chromed and iridescent tiles beautify the DomusLift design even more.

DomusLift Liberty Elevator Design


These eight luxurious home elevators by DomusLifts can instantly up your lifestyle into a luxurious one. So if you are interested in adding a luxurious and classy home elevator in your home, contact us at http://www.graandprix.com/contact-us/

4 Reasons You Should Get DomusLift for Your Home or Office Interiors

June 5th, 2017 by

Today, elevators are considered one of the luxurious amenities one can have in their homes. Though usually lifts are pre-installed in commercial apartments and residential buildings, penthouses, bungalows, villas and duplex apartments might not always come with an indoor elevator installed. And that is the reason you should enhance the lifestyle and your home with a perfect lift, which is a DomusLift, an IGV flagship home elevator. But why DomusLift? Let’s see some good reasons to get a DomusLift installed in your home.

1)    Simple Design – With minimum procedure required for installation, DomusLift has also reduced the builder’s work, with lower pit and headroom. The standard household 230V outlet benefits in consuming minimum energy while the limited regulatory approval and benefits help to reduce the maintenance costs.

2)    Safe – DomusLift is equipped with an infrared barrier on the access slide and three closed sides on the car that ensures the safety of the passengers. The pushbutton on the panel features an enabling key that does not allow any unauthorized use. And in the case of power failure, the lift automatically lands down and allows passengers to exit.

3)    Accessibility – DomusLift offers exceptional accessibility solutions and exclusive accessories like a powered door opening and landing calls. It is an ideal and affordable elevator for anyone and also does extra help for people with special needs.

4)    Versatility – From the ground floor or garage to the seventh floor, DomusLift conveniently meets all your residential elevator needs in the safest way. It is an all-around product by IGV and marketed in India by Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd, a residential elevators suppliers in India.

Graand Prix is a home elevators supplier in India, who offers DomusLift. Providing easy access to the top floors of your home or office, a DomusLift also features a sleek design and blends well with various décor themes. If you are looking to upgrade your home with an elevator, contact us at http://www.graandprix.com/contact-us/ today.

Why the World’s best Lifts Should Now Be in Indian Homes

June 5th, 2017 by

DomusLift is an IGV flagship product and known worldwide for its aesthetic as well as smooth performance in homes and offices. The lift conveniently travels up to seven floors and makes an ideal addition to any place. It is considered one of the best in terms of style and functionality and hence rated very popular overseas. But what makes this lift perfect for Indian homes? Let’s find out.


1)    Unmatched Quality

A product by IGV, DomusLift is manufactured in Italy and is engineered to perform exceptionally in any environment. The product is made with the latest European technology and serves only the best to those who install these lifts in their homes or office spaces. It is built to last, and once you get a DomusLift to your home, you can rest assured about its durability and the safety it offers.


2)    Customizable

Available in various designs and styles, DomusLift has a compact exterior and spacious interior that minimizes the outer space while being roomy enough on the inside. The lifts are fully customizable, and you can select from the colours, textures, and styles available to match with your interiors.


3)    Perfectly Safe & Reliable

DomusLift features multiple safety systems such as automatic return to the lowest floor in case of power failure and an access door that has an infrared barrier with entrance protection for optimum safety.


4)    Low Maintenance

Engineered to perform smoothly, DomusLift also comes with one brilliant feature, i.e. easy installation. The lift’s easy installation saves money whereas the few moving components, the maintenance level required for DomusLift is quite low.


Considering the features and benefits mentioned above, anyone should choose DomusLift for Indian homes. Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. is a residential elevator maintenance services in India who are the only suppliers of DomusLift in the country. So if you are planning to get one lift installed in your home, contact us today at http://www.graandprix.com/contact-us/