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We bring FirePASS® in association with Bharti Fire – pioneers in the business of Fire Fighting, for the past 35 years. Bharti Fire’s vast experience and Graand Prix’s network are now combining to offer a world class technology – the FirePASS®.

FirePASS® is a revolutionary fire prevention technology with a unique ability to create a breathable hypoxic environment which prevents flame ignition and at the same time, is safe and healthy for human occupants. By producing and using breathable air for fire prevention, it avoids any hazard to human occupants, the prevented rooms and their content.

Moreover, it uses natural air as its resource – no chemicals or gases are involved. The FirePASS® agent is simply hypoxic air. Nothing is added.

  • Certainty of avoiding the outbreak and spread of fire
  • Retaining access to protected areas at any time
  • Fire protection without any interruption – no refilling or replacement needed
  • Absolute safety for human beings through using breathable air as the agent – no nitrogen-injection
  • Environment friendly – no chemicals used
  • Scalable to any size of protected areas and number of compartments –
    no design limitations
  • Very small foot-print and little building space needed
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • No excessive piping, no nozzles, no pressurized cylinders or pipes, no
    leaking, no expensive refilling
  • No damages by fire, released water, foam or other extinguishing
    agents, no false discharges, no discharge failures
  • No loss of work time through activated fire alarm systems
  • No closing of unusable areas due to fire damages, clean-up or repair