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fire suppressionsystem

FAS (FireFite Aerosol System) The latest innovation in fire suppression systems which complies NFPA 2010, this technology suppresses fire without the use of water! This means no loss of property due to water and that all electrical equipment, crucial papers and other assets remain intact. With no refilling of any sort and a shelf life of 15 years, these models are good to use anywhere!

Revolutionary FAS (FireFite Aerosol System) fights fire with minimum damage to property and valuables. All one has to do is simply pull the pin. Add to it the benefit of not having to refill at all.

47 advanced countries have discovered the ultimate protection against fire:

  • Can be deployed without entering the room
  • Can be deployed easily and quickly by the first responder
  • Prevents a great deal of equipment and property damage
  • Knocks the fire down, flames are gone in seconds
  • Prevents fire from spreading to other rooms and buildings
  • Saves lives, crucial time & money
  • Does not deplete oxygen levels
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals
  • 15 years maintenance free life
  • No Use of water, hence no damage due to water
  • Portable

fire suppressionsystem