Myrtha poolsWe present Myrtha pools from Italy, which have made a splash around the world with unmatched premium features. Myrtha designs exclusive private pool projects using innovative technologies. Myrtha is associated with FINA – International Body for Olympic Pools, 90% of Olympic Pools across the Globe are by Myrtha. Myrtha pools have a great appearance which is well coordinated with the functional aspects of the construction. The combination of materials used in a Myrtha pool guarantee the lowest maintenance costs and the longest life cycle.

Advantages of Myrtha pools:

  • Quick Installation
  • Customized according to requirement (shape & Size)
  • Light-weight as no use of concrete
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 25 years warranty against Water Leakage
  • Easily adaptable structure
  • Wide range of finishes available
  • Latest filtration systems that assure you of purest water
MAGILINE POOLS They are the designer-manufacturer of custom swimming pools, ultra equipped, the only one awarded the French origin guaranteed label, the inventor of the smart pool.
They have installed more than 40 000 swimming pools in 27 countries since 1994.

  • MAGILINE pools are totally insensitive to water and damp (rot-proof polymer panels filled with reinforced concrete). They withstand every type of soil, even acidic.
  • MAGILINE comes with a unique Pipeless Filtrtaion System that eliminates a need for a plant room.
  • MAGILINE swimming pools are maintenance-carefree.
  • MAGILINE are extremely ecological pools.
  • MAGILINE pools use 80% recycled material which is incorporated into the structure.
  • MAGILINE is the ideal Solution for Small and Medium Residential pools.
  • MAGILINE are made to measure, customizable and independent swimming pools.