Today there are two types of elevators available in the market – one that needs a pit and shaft and the one which does not require a pit and shaft. Where a conventional elevator needs a lot of space, a pit-less elevator like Pneumatic Vacuum (PV) elevators are the ones that do not require a pit and takes less space. So when you are buying a lift for your home, a pit-less elevator would be a good choice, because who wouldn’t want to save some space in the interiors? Now let us see the five reasons why you must purchase a PV elevator or a pitless elevator for your home.


1)    Stylish Colours to Choose From

A PV Elevator is available in various colours, which makes it perfect for those who wouldn’t want to compromise on the style of their homes. These pit-less lifts blend in with your décor beautifully and create a luxurious appeal and style statement instantly. Its availability in different colours is one of the reasons why many people choose PV elevators for their homes.


2)    No Wall Modification Needed

A pit-less PV elevator does not require any modification on the wall, unlike conventional lifts. A typical elevator needs a shaft and pit and usually requires modification on the wall on which it will be built. But as a PV elevator works on vacuum mechanism and has a tube design, it does not require any significant modification on the interiors of your home.


3)    Less Sound

Compared to the elevators that have pit and shaft, a PV elevator makes lesser noise. The Pneumatic Vacuum lifts do not make noise as their mechanism is based on vacuum suction. This is one of the best elevators for people who do not wish to have a noisy elevator at home.


4)    Slim Design + Safe

PV elevators come in a slim and compact design, but that doesn’t make them any less safe. The vacuum lifts have a “SURE STOP” safety feature that locks the car to stop in case if the pneumatic pressure fails while in operation.


5)    No Wall Needed

A PV elevator does not require a wall to stand against. The tube like form of this lift makes it perfect for display and can be installed anywhere in the interiors as well as the exterior of the house.


These five reasons answer to why one should opt for PV elevator when buying one for their residences. If you would want to know about the Pneumatic Vacuum home lifts price in India, share your details on and we will get back to you.

A cozy yet compact home keeps you away from various luxurious amenities. And it could also be a lavish elevator. But when you live in a compact multi-storey apartment and already have a space consuming staircase, adding an elevator that will require more space for the pit, will not be the right choice. But when you need an elevator that meets your requirements, we have a solution for you. A pneumatic vacuum elevator is a space saving option for all those who want to add an elevator to compact rooms and connect all the floors through convenient travel. Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. is a home elevator installation service in India who can help you get the best PV elevator for your home.

Though there are various brands of lifts available in the market, most of them come with pits, machine rooms and other space occupying equipments. All of these extra gears take over a lot of space and make your home look untidy. And that is why PV Elevators are chosen to give you a luxurious experience in your home while saving space. A vacuum lift is easy to install and does not come with a pit. This elevator saves so much space while giving you the comfort of traveling to all the floors of your home with a touch of a button. What you see is what you get, in terms of a vacuum elevator. It is available in a standard size and different colours to match your home décor. The sleek design and stylish appeal make a PV elevator enhance your interior décor and does not make it look packed.

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So you have decided to install a home elevator but don’t know which one to choose from the various lifts available? Well, this blog can help you make a better decision. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are one of the widely used vertical transportation systems in US, Dubai and is now introduced in India by Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd., one of the best home elevator dealers in India. Pneumatic Vacuum (PV) Elevators are considered the most efficient elevators to add in residential spaces and mostly recommended by interior designers and architects.

These elevators are cost efficient and easy to install – avoiding all the hassles one faces while installing a traditional lift. PV Elevators work on vacuum technology that helps the lift to operate smoothly. A complete package of convenience and functionality, these elevators are safer as compared to traditional elevators and staircases.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are unlike other elevators and does not require a pit or machine room to operate – saving space indoors. A PV elevator solely works on a single phase operation and comes with safety features. Making it the safest lift system for residences, PV Elevators are available with sure stop and automatic ground floor release in case of power failure during operation. Its availability in various colours, helps you to select the one which blends well your home décor and makes your overall interiors look extravagant.

With so much to offer, PV elevators make the best addition to residences. So are you interested in knowing more about Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators or installing one? Connect with the leaders at