About DomusLift

Rediscover the pleasure of moving in an elevator with DomusLift, the premier elevator from IGV Group, the finest manufacturers of home and residential lifts in Europe. With contemporary Italian designs and advance elevator technology, DomusLift epitomises luxury in vivid details. They can be installed indoors and outdoors in residential homes and customized to suit diverse taste of clients. They can be tailored to blend with home interiors and décor so that you get a luxurious elevator experience every time you move about in a DomusLift. Powered by conventional Hydraulic drives or innovative Gearless drives, DomusLift are developed with the highest European safety standards and offer ease of operation and a level of convenience that makes them an icon of luxury in your homes.

  • Fully Imported
  • Manufactured as per European Standards of Safety, DomusLift is CE Marked; compliant with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Certificates are issued by the International Notified Body IMQ
  • No pit required
  • No Machine room required
  • Compact, quiet and easy to install
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance
  • Connects to any electrical 230V outlet
  • More than 50 models- for indoors and outdoors
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Customised products

Flexible Installation

DomusLift, the made-to-measure solution for any space

Indoor House Elevator
Domus Indoor
Outdoor House Elevator
Domus Outdoor

Elevator Sizes

Explore all the sizes of the DomusLift lifting platform

Small Home Lift
XS – Extra Small
Small Home Elevator
S – Small
Standard House Lift
Large House Lift
XL – Extra Large

Elevator Designs

Choose from the best of designs for your lift

Classic House Elevator
DomusLift Classic
Domestic Elevator
DomusLift Chrome
Swarovski House Lift
DomusLift made with Swarovski® Elements
House Elevator Limited Edition
DomusLift Art – Limited Edition
Home Elevators Design
DomusLift Leather
Art Design Home Elevator
DomusLift Art Line
Best Home Elevator
DomusLift by Giugiaro Architettura
home elevator design, best home elevator
DomusLift Liberty
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