Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

– A Space Saving Lift for Homes

A cozy yet compact home keeps you away from various luxurious amenities. And it could also be a lavish elevator. But when you live in a compact multi-storey apartment and already have a space consuming staircase, adding an elevator that will require more space for the pit, will not be the right choice. But when you need an elevator that meets your requirements, we have a solution for you. A pneumatic vacuum elevator is a space saving option for all those who want to add an elevator to compact rooms and connect all the floors through convenient travel. Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. is a home elevator installation service in India who can help you get the best PV elevator for your home.

Though there are various brands of lifts available in the market, most of them come with pits, machine rooms and other space occupying equipments. All of these extra gears take over a lot of space and make your home look untidy. And that is why PV Elevators are chosen to give you a luxurious experience in your home while saving space. A vacuum lift is easy to install and does not come with a pit. This elevator saves so much space while giving you the comfort of traveling to all the floors of your home with a touch of a button. What you see is what you get, in terms of a vacuum elevator. It is available in a standard size and different colours to match your home décor. The sleek design and stylish appeal make a PV elevator enhance your interior décor and does not make it look packed.

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