Adding an Elevator

to Your Abode Is a Good Decision

When you hire an interior designer to make your home look luxurious and elegant, why should you leave the concept of ultra-luxurious amenities that add unmatched value to your personal space? Installing a luxury home lift in India or to be specific in Indian homes is a statement of grandeur. Duplex flats, villas, bungalows and penthouses look more opulent when equipped with home elevators.

But selecting a home elevator could be tricky. Hence, this blog can be of great help to you if you are planning to install an elevator in your residential space. There are two brands of elevators that are ideal to up your style in home interiors as well as add functionality to your space, a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator from Star Elevators, Dubai and DomusLifts from IGV Group SRL, Italy. Let’s understand what each of these elevators offer;

Domus Lift–Another addition to the domestic lift category is Domus Lifts which are designed to make vertical mobility in residential, personal and public spaces convenient and stylish at the same time. These elevators overcome architectural barriers and can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Domus lifts consume less power, has a compact design and is easy to install. Perfect for senior citizens and differently abled this makes access to floors easier than stairs. Domus Lifts are available in over 50 models to suit your requirements. From ground floor to the terrace, Domus Lifts effortlessly travels up to seven floors.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator–This revolutionary elevator system works on vacuum technology that helps the elevator to travel up and down. These elevators are a perfect addition to villas, duplex apartments, small shops, and showrooms. As it does not require a machine room and works on single phase operation, it is also easy to install. The round elevator system fits two people comfortably. Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd offers exceptionally designed Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators in various colours which make it easier for you to choose the one that blends well with your decor’s colour scheme.

Adding any one from the above mentioned elevators makes a good decision when you’re planning to include an elevator in your residence. At Graand Prix, we provide elevators that are made to last and also add a stylish appeal to your space.

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