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Should Now Be in Indian Homes

DomusLift is an IGV flagship product and known worldwide for its aesthetic as well as smooth performance in homes and offices. The lift conveniently travels up to seven floors and makes an ideal addition to any place. It is considered one of the best in terms of style and functionality and hence rated very popular overseas. But what makes this lift perfect for Indian homes? Let’s find out.

1) Unmatched Quality
A product by IGV, DomusLift is manufactured in Italy and is engineered to perform exceptionally in any environment. The product is made with the latest European technology and serves only the best to those who install these lifts in their homes or office spaces. It is built to last, and once you get a DomusLift to your home, you can rest assured about its durability and the safety it offers.

2) Customizable
Available in various designs and styles, DomusLift has a compact exterior and spacious interior that minimizes the outer space while being roomy enough on the inside. The lifts are fully customizable, and you can select from the colours, textures, and styles available to match with your interiors.

3) Perfectly Safe & Reliable
DomusLift features multiple safety systems such as automatic return to the lowest floor in case of power failure and an access door that has an infrared barrier with entrance protection for optimum safety.

4) Low Maintenance
Engineered to perform smoothly, DomusLift also comes with one brilliant feature, i.e. easy installation. The lift’s easy installation saves money whereas the few moving components, the maintenance level required for DomusLift is quite low.

Considering the features and benefits mentioned above, anyone should choose DomusLift for Indian homes. Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. is a residential elevator maintenance services in India who are the only suppliers of DomusLift in the country. So if you are planning to get one lift installed in your home, contact us today at

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