4 Reasons You Should Get

DomusLift for Your Home or Office Interiors

Today, elevators are considered one of the luxurious amenities one can have in their homes. Though usually lifts are pre-installed in commercial apartments and residential buildings, penthouses, bungalows, villas and duplex apartments might not always come with an indoor elevator installed. And that is the reason you should enhance the lifestyle and your home with a perfect lift, which is a DomusLift, an IGV flagship home elevator. But why DomusLift? Let’s see some good reasons to get a DomusLift installed in your home.

1) Simple Design – With minimum procedure required for installation, DomusLift has also reduced the builder’s work, with lower pit and headroom. The standard household 230V outlet benefits in consuming minimum energy while the limited regulatory approval and benefits help to reduce the maintenance costs.

2) Safe – DomusLift is equipped with an infrared barrier on the access slide and three closed sides on the car that ensures the safety of the passengers. The pushbutton on the panel features an enabling key that does not allow any unauthorized use. And in the case of power failure, the lift automatically lands down and allows passengers to exit.

3) Accessibility – DomusLift offers exceptional accessibility solutions and exclusive accessories like a powered door opening and landing calls. It is an ideal and affordable elevator for anyone and also does extra help for people with special needs.

4) Versatility – From the ground floor or garage to the seventh floor, DomusLift conveniently meets all your residential elevator needs in the safest way. It is an all-around product by IGV and marketed in India by Graand Prix Elevators India Pvt. Ltd, a residential elevators suppliers in India.

Graand Prix is a home elevators supplier in India, who offers DomusLift. Providing easy access to the top floors of your home or office, a DomusLift also features a sleek design and blends well with various décor themes. If you are looking to upgrade your home with an elevator, contact us at today.

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